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Arizona Defensive Driving Courses

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Our Defensive Driving Courses:

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Classroom Course


Defensive Driving Classroom Course

When you attend our classroom:
  • Dismiss your Traffic Ticket!
  • There are NO Tests!
  • Everyone Passes!
  • Laugh while you Learn!
  • Taught in Game Show format!

Online Course


Defensive Driving Online Course

Benefits of our online course:
  • Dismiss your Traffic Ticket!
  • Convenient, Simple, & FAST!
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Why Register for our Classroom Course?

Drive Safe AZ Traffic School is fully certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide Defensive Driving classes. Our classroom format is very unique because we believe class should be fun! The fact is, people simply learn new information better when they are having a good time doing it!ONLY $44.00 for Classroom Course, plus Court & State Fees!

Laugh and Learn

Laugh and Learn!

We have created a unique program that allows you to relax, laugh and have fun in a classroom setting while learning valuable information that will help you to become a safer driver.
Laugh and Learn

Game Show Format!

Our game show format will teach you all the current Arizona traffic laws, & safe driving practices, while you laugh and work with your team to come up with all the correct answers to win the game.
Laugh and Learn

Everyone Passes!

Why would you want to attend our Live Classroom Course instead of our Online Course? Because there are NO Tests! NO Stress!! AND Everyone Passes!! How’s that for making it EASY?
Laugh and Learn

More Locations!

We offer more classroom locations across the Phoenix metro area than any other defensive driving school in Arizona. We also offer morning and evening classes to help fit your busy schedule.

Learn About Our

Defensive Driving Courses!

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  • Dismiss your Traffic Ticket!
  • Convenient, Simple & FAST!
  • Complete this Course Today!
  • Classroom courses are available across the valley!
  • Online Courses can be taken any time, anywhere on ANY device!

avatar-3“A fun way to go to traffic school”

A fun way to go to traffic school and learn defensive driving.  The Jeopardy game show format keeps your interest throughout, and it is amazing how much you learn.  It definitely has changed a number of my driving habits.  Drive Safe AZ should be part of everyone’s drivers education.  – Maggie

team-3“Boy was I surprised!”

Went to the class prepared for 4 hours of dead time.  Boy was I surprised!  The class format with the game kept everyone interested.  We had over forty students divided in teams of 5 or 6 playing against each other.  Not only did everyone participate but I learned much more than I expected.  I have certainly changed my driving behavior since the class.  Great job Drive Safe AZ.  – Tim T.

avatar-2“I was shocked with how much I learned.”

I hate to admit it, but I have been to a couple of these traffic schools and Drive Safe AZ was by far the very best!  The game show format really kept me interested, and I was shocked with how much I learned.  I had so much fun during class that I didn’t realize I was actually learning a great deal about our traffic laws.  I want to thank Drive Safe AZ for taking care of my ticket and making me laugh along the way! – Mary Kay C.

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Total Cost of Defensive Driving Course Includes the following:
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  • State Fee of $20
  • Course Fee ($44.00 or $39.00)
  • Court Fees (Determine Here)

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Main Office: 1933 W Main St #3 Mesa, AZ 85201 We hold Defensive Driving classes in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Central Phoenix, Scottsdale. See locations here.

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